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Attention Women's Organizations!!!

Calling all women's business and professional associations!
Peace groups, unions, sororities, clubs, nonprofits welcome!

Women's Peace Campaign Collaboration

Engaging MORE Women's Organizations in Promoting Peace

We don't compete with existing peace education programs or movements: we reinforce and promote them. We promote all credible ideas and actions for peace. Our mission is to use classic public-influencing strategies to educate, engage, and empower business and professional women to doing whatever they can to promote world peace, starting with themselves and their families as the essential building blocks of all peace. On World Peace Day (AKA International Day of Peace) September 21, we will all provide our members with inspirational "how to" options for increasing peace in the world from their own inner peace to family peace, community peace, national peace, and world peace.

Campaign Collaborators, including many that do not usually focus on peace, will to do what they can to inform and inspire their members on  International Peace Day September 21.. We will make available downloadable materials for their common communications channels, such as:

  • Blog and Social Media Posts

  • Website and Newsletter Articles

  • Fact Sheets & Q&A

  • Resource Lists

Collaborators will also be invited to celebrate the Day's 40th Anniversary and 25 years since the UN officially adopted it in San Francisco or on global livestream.


International Day Of Peace Event

Join the campaign collaborative!!

Women of the world today  live in fear of violence, hate, and war. All one, together, we can educate, motivate, and inspire action for a more peaceful future, starting with ourselves and our members.

Join the Women's Peace Campaign Collab

Women's Organizations Leading the Way

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Joining educates organizations about the importance of peace and the role women can play in achieving it.

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We encourage organizations to take an active role in promoting peace through collaborative efforts fostering solidarity and collective purpose.

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Participation inspires organizations to envision a world where peace is attainable, creating a ripple effect of positive change

How The Women's Peace Campaign Works

Resources for Global Peace Initiatives

Modeled on a century of successful public-influencing campaigns by women, the Women's Peace Campaign—with the help of experts and AI -- has researched and created materials for your organization to communicate with members effectively. These resources will offer options for members to contribute to global peace in ways aligned with their concerns, interests, values, skills, situations, and resources. Women's organizations, associations, and companies with female members are invited to join and utilize these adaptable resources.

Join us! Starting in August, you will have access to sample materials and resources to craft your own "Women's Peace Campaign" communications program. Launch your own organization or association's campaign on International Peace Day, September 21, 2024. Help your members find things they want to do to end violence and usher in peace over the coming year. On International Peace Day 2025, we'll celebrate both individual and group accomplishments for peace over the course of the year together


Support Us

Every Contribution Makes a World of Difference

We need sponsors, "In-kind sponsors," and donors for the women's peace campaign expenses.  To make a tax-deductible donation, go to our nonprofit fiscal sponsor at https://pathwaystopeace.Org/donate/ and make a tax-deductible donation of any amount.  Be sure to designate it's for the Peace Campaign! To become a sponsor, contact campaign director Carol Liege at  to find out about our  sponsorship levels and benefits. 

Joining Benefits

Discover the benefits of your organization joining us

Click here for information about our campaign kickoff at the Pathways to Peace.

Livestream from @ San Francisco Civic Center September 21 11-3 PDT

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"25 Things You and Your Members Can Do TODAY to Contribute to Our Common Mission of Global Peace"

Thanks for your interest!

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