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What's new or different?

There are numerous local, national and global women's organizations, coalitions, movements, and groups educating and encouraging women to promote peace, some with decades of programs and progress.  So what's different about this Women's Peace Campaign?

It doesn't compete. It adds. Expands.

The goal of the Women's Peace Campaign is to test the use of corporate public-influencing strategies to engage more women in doing whatever they can and are willing to do to promote world peace, starting with themselves and their families as the essential building blocks of all peace [see Sun Tse 12th century poem]. The strategy is to (a) build a coalition of as many women's organizations and associations as possible that do not now have a focus on peace to do what they can to educate and motivate their members; (b) provide them with sample materials and templates for communications modalities commonly used by national and global organizations and associations; (c) plan and coordinate a media kickoff event on UN International Peace Day September 21; and (d) communicate with coalition participants before, during, and after kickoff to keep them involved and active.


July 15 - First direct mail postcard  invitations to CEOs of 2500 national and global organizations and associations to join Campaign Coalition; email and phone follow up with top 250.

August 15 - Second direct mail invitations. Release downloadable sample materials and templates to all Campaign Coalition members.

September 15 - Third direct mail invitations.

September 21 - Campaign media kickoff event in conjunction with Pathways to Peace 40th Anniversary Celebration of International Peace Day. Campaign Coalition participants launch their own programs to their members, their media.

Planning and Coordination

Campaign planning was launched on International Peace Day 2023 by the nonprofit Ladies of All Nations (LOANI) Peace Day Awards together with the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE) with The Legacy Factory, LLC. Legacy Factory founder and CEO Carol Liege is now the Campaign Director. Pathways to Peace, a 501(c)(3) organization that was the original sponsor of the International Day of Peace 40 years ago, is now the Fiscal Sponsor of the campaign.


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