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The Collaborative

We Collaborate with Women's (and Other) Peace Groups

What makes a public-influencing campaign influence the public is strength in numbers.  Many of us, together, singing from the same song sheet, raising our voices together, sharing the same messages.  There are already hundreds of women's groups working for peace around the world. The outreach emphasis of this campaign is to engage business and professional women's organizations and associations to join our voices with theirs in educating and encouraging our members how any woman can promote peace . . .to add our numbers to theirs, raising the power of our message: WE ALL WANT PEACE. ALL OF US SHOULD DO WHAT WE CAN. Knowledge about things we say any individual organization or individual can actually do relies heavily on the work already done by these and other organizations promoting peace now and in the past, and the best ideas from those women leaders who are already active and involved.

We have no criteria for suggesting which organizations or ideas are better than others so simply suggest you explore those Google has selected as the top choices (see screenshot below).
Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 8.50.28 AM.png
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