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Join The Women's Peace Collaboration

Support for organisations and Associations that choose to collaborate in the campaign

Become a part of the Women's Peace Campaign Collaboration and empower your organization with access to top resources, ideas, and information on promoting peace. Whether your members are local, national, or global, provide them with valuable tools they can use wherever they are to contribute meaningfully to our mission of fostering global peace and harmony. Together, let's make a difference in our communities and beyond.



​Inner Peace, Peace of Mind
Family Peace
Community Peace
National Peace
World Peace



The Problem Today Is...

There are conflicts, uprisings, genocides, terrorists, and wars in the world and on the news. There are school shootings, hate crimes, gangs, racial strife and violence in our cities. There are arguments, fights, wife beaters, child abusers, unrest and divorces in our homes. There are millions of women, especially mothers, who are anxious, worried, fearful, on edge about children's safety today and in future generations. It's time for us all to find something we can do, and time for women's organizations and associations to show us how.

Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It

Start planning in july to provide your members with well-researched, expertly curated information about things you can realistically do to increase peace instead of helplessly worrying about war, violence, hate, shootings, and all the other dangers that are making them anxious.  

Join with us on and after international peace day september 21, 2024 to educate, encourage, and inspire your members to do what they can to create more peace in 2024-2025 and beyond.  

You'll find expert recommendations and "How to" information in the private collaborators area starting august 15th.. These free downloadable materials are templates and examples for your use, presented in formats that are easy-to-adapt to your usual membership communications. You'll also get links to good royalty-free resources your members can use to promote peace in five areas:

Personal, inner peace, peace of mind

Family peace

Community peace

National peace

World peace


"Western Women Will Change the World"

The Dalai Lama, World Peace Summit 2009

How It Works

Modeled on a century of successful public-influencing campaigns by women,  the women's peace campaign -- with the help of experts and ai -- will gather and/or create materials that provide multiple options you can use to communicate with your members as well as the choices your members will have to find actions to contribute to the world's peace that fit with their concerns, interests, values, skills, situations, and resources. 


You'll start receiving updates now.  Starting in may, you will have access to sample materials and resources to craft your own "Women's peace campaign" communications program.  Launch your own organization or association's campaign on international peace day, september 21, 2024 and encourage your members to find things they can contribute and report on international peace day september, 2025 when we'll celebrate both individual and group accomplishments for peace over the course of the year.

Women's organizations, associations, and companies with female members are invited to join and take advantage of all the materials and benefits virtually available to any country in the world.  Use them, adapt them, or replace them with your own. The campaign staff will provide the following resources and benefits:

Coming Soon!

Free downloadable peace materials to adapt for your members and media.

"How to" ideas and strategies for your leaders and staff

Participation in an international media kickoff event on international peace day september 21, 2024

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